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Hi Ben, 
     I sure did visit your sites and did enjoy them and have a lot more to see on them. Ben, sometime back I made this award for Veterans as my way of thanking all of you. I would really like you to have it also. 

Hi Sandy, 
     Thanks for the Salute! The Drake family and vets in general appreciate your kindness towards them. I know I speak for Bobby Hingston also.

     I just finished "visiting" your "little" web site, "Family of Marines" ! Very impressive, INDEED!  I spent a long time on your pages, and you and your family have much to be PROUD of in your lives. I am humbled! 
     Please do me the HONOR of accepting our Regimental Veteran Appreciation 
Award. If anyone deserves it, your family does! 
     Danny L. Fisher, MSG(Ret), 6-29 FA, "CAN DO" 

I am the one humbled Danny. Thanks for the kind words and for your great site.

Dear Ben, 
      For honoring our country through your families proud tradition and history of serving in the United States Marine Corps, and their and your unselfish contributions to the Corps, we at Hotel Marines 2/1, 1968 present you with this award of our appreciation for your exceptional presentation of the Marine Corps and your Family. We would be honored if you would accept our token of appreciation and this award on behalf of us all, who have served our Country proudly and faithfully in the United States Marine Corps. Semper Fi. Bobby. (Served with PRIDE...) 

Dear Bobby, et al, The Drake family is humbled and we accept your award and everyone sends their thanks. Ben

Thank You for again for sharing your very special family and the beautiful words in your E-Mail. I would like to present my Top Vet Site Award! 

Thanks Barbara for the nice words and the great award! I treasure it.

I'd be very happy if you accept this small but heart felt token of appreciation for a website that clearly shows a tremendous amount of Patriotism.  WELCOME HOME and job well done from one Marine to Another.

Roy, We sure appreciate the kind words. Your welcome home site should also be visited by all who served and I hope many do. Semper Fi

Staff Sergeant Drake:

What a wonderful honor to know that you have visited my United States Marine Corps Tribute website.

Thank you for the kind and gracious remarks left in my guestbook.

It is especially a privilege for me to have had you stand on "my Marine ground" in view of  your own family's great legacy in the Corps, and the OUTSTANDING website you have constructed to honor them.

Your site is perhaps the MOST UNIQUE United States Marine Corps site I have ever seen. I recognize and appreciate the care and effort to which you have gone to construct and maintain it. Thank you. Please accept my Semper Fidelis "award" as my gesture of saying "Oooooorrraahhh" to your fine accomplishment with the site. 

What a great honor it would have been for me to have marched beside you.

You have my utmost admiration and esteem.

Semper Fidelis!


David Decker
Chaplain/Service Officer
United States Marine Corps League
Detachment #647

David, I'm blushing. Thanks brother.

It is my pleasure to give to you this, Award of Excellence.

Captain Earl

Thank you Captain Earl. I hope many people click on it and visit your site also.

Our editors have selected your site as one of the best military sites on  the Web for 2001. recognizes your website as a valued resource for  the military community. We salute you and your efforts. In appreciation, we would like to present you with our Distinguished Military Site Award.

Thanks so much. Receiving words like this from peers is truly humbling. Ben

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