I spent 10 years active duty and 2 years reserve time, in the Marine Corps. Why I got out escapes me from time to time and frankly, it is not the reason for this web site. The reason for this web site is, "Why I got In", and loved it. 
I come from a Marine Corps family. My dad was wounded on Saipan and his wounds never properly healed. Additionally, they did not recognize PTSD and such as areas requiring specialized help so after my baby sister was born, dad did what far to many former combat Marines did, he committed suicide. It is my belief that he is a Marine Corps fallen war hero. 
I have sections about my time in the Marine Corps. I speak of my non-combat time as well as Viet Nam. I detail some of my schools and duty stations and talk about people I have met while serving in the Corps. 
I have placed my awards on the web site. This may be as much for me as for the visitor. I had some nice schools while in the Marines. I was lucky enough to get an award or two for various things and I received a medal or two in Viet Nam. I hope you, the visitor don't see this as wrong of me. I am simply opening my Marine Corps career up and placing it on this virtual table and allowing anyone to look at it. 

NOTE: As you look over my certificates, etc. you may notice lots of discoloration. My house burned down years ago and the fire and smoke damage is extensive on many documents. I have, therefore, scanned the signatures and emblems, etc. from the documents and have typed the document subject in HTML. That accounts for all the discoloration you see. 
Semper Fi, Ooh Rah!!

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