Page Seven Of Viet Nam Pics

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Picture #1 - Ben Drake down south. Photo by Nate Solomon  Ben Drake 
Picture #2 - Ben Drake and '05 Ben Drake & '05 
Picture #3 - Mike Flood Mike Flood 
Picture #4 - Mike Flood watching Cam Sau burn Mike Flood 
Picture #5 - I'm not sure. A medivac from Cam Sau? Patrol - medivac 
Picture #6 - Tower at the POW camp POW Tower 
Picture #7 - Resupply Chopper at 2/1 Chopper Resupply 
Picture #8 - Red Cross Girl
 Just look at that face. Don't you know we all looked as much as we could?

Her name is Jiggie Brickner, if you know her, please give her my e-mail address.
Red Cross Girl 
Picture #2 - Red Cross girls Red Cross Girls 
Picture #9 - Red Cross girls

Jiggie Brickner in the suit.
Red Cross Girl 
Picture #10 - Red Cross girls,   
Christmas, 1968. Reaction to our LT. saying a bad word 
Red Cross Girls