This school is located in Ft. McClellan, AL for the Chemical portion. Then you go to Navy Base, Indian Head, MD for a few months of conventional school.

When I was driving in the 6 or 8 lane bypass around Atlanta, GA, My wife was in the front seat, my 3 children were in the back and my Harley was on a trailer. A woman came onto the bypass and ignored a large sign saying, "Do not use exit number ***".  It was almost exactly 90 degrees of the highway. She did just that, and ran right in the front of me. I T-boned her. When it happened and an officer got there, she was screaming at him, "He hit me, why would you ticket me?". A Army guy who graduate Ft. McClellan with me was right behind me when she did it so I had a good witness.

My wife went through the windshield. She required surgery and later plastic surgery. My arrival at Indian Head was delayed by many days. Her insurance company wouldn't settle and I ended up having to rent a U-Haul to get everything up there. Less then a mile from the gate, my trailer pulled a flat. The Harley was in the U-Haul. I abandoned the trailer, went on base to unload the bike. Then went back to get the trailer. It was gone.

We got an apartment on base. Small and we had no furniture. Worse than that, my pay didn't get forwarded in some manner and I didn't get paid for 5 weeks. We had no food. We literally ate Macaroni and Cheese 3 times a day. It cost 5 for $1. My wife was still hurt bad so I had to keep running home to take care of her and the kids.

It just didn't work. I started school on 710917 and voluntarily withdrew on 720104. I had counseled with the OIC, a Warrant Officer. He understood the problems and got me transferred to the Visitors Center on Parris Island. I will always regret this but family, in a situation like this, has to come first.
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