My certificates have been questioned as having been photo shopped.

My house burned down in 1980 in Gowen, MI. The ceiling fell on the floor saving what I have.

If you doubt this, call the Gowen General Store and ask whoever answers if Ben Drakes house behind them burned down in 1980.

I can assure you, whoever answers the phone will know about it and me.


A person spent considerable time calling me a liar concerning pretty much my whole life. He was one of those people who made claims
that we had once met, which I doubt, he said a year ago he told me I had never been in Force Recon, which I have. He told me he had
my records and they prove I was never in Force Recon, well, I have my records, and they prove I have. He told me the
biggest lie I ever
told was that I had a Doctorate, which I do. This guy was a bully, plain and simple. I did give an inch and removed
one thing that I had
posted simply because after 39 years I cannot prove it, but even that was true. Some people like him put everything
in one box and if
they can't understand it, you are a liar.

I didn't spend this much time building a site to honor my family of Marines to lie on it. If you wish to ask me a question
about something, ask. But if you write and just call me a liar, I will not respond.