July 8, 1998


Major General, USMCR
Dennis M. McCarthy
Deputy Director, Operations U.S.
Atlantic Command
General McCarthy is giving an introductory statement prior to the publishing of the citation.
General McCarthy making an introductory statement about, and to, Ben.
The citation being published (by Captain Parks). It was a little unnerving for Ben standing at attention again and looking at 4 TV cameras and having newspapers on site. Also, about a dozen NCO's, Staff NCO's and Officers were on hand. It "feels" funny.


General McCarthy pinning
the Silver Star on Ben.
General McCarthy congratulating Ben.


After 29 years and 116 days, 
they just look at it.


Ben was given an opportunity to say his peace. He remembered the dead of that evening. He remembered that from boot camp all his training prior to Viet Nam was preparation for that evening. He remembered that He was not alone that evening but cannot find the others to honor them.




Captain Parks after the services.
Major John Freda after the services.

Television stations and reporters interviewing Ben after the ceremony. The Marine Corps sent a  camera crew by order of the CMC, General Krulak.