Aerial view of the Pentagon. The center area, which is surprisingly large is the largest "no cover, no salute" area in the world. It is strange to see Marine Captains walking around with their heads uncovered, heads down reading as they are walking.
The "Medal of Honor" room in the Pentagon. It is an oval room that opens on the hallway. A person visiting can see it for a bout 100 yards before they get there. This is a great presentation. Well done! I found DeWayne T. Williams there.
Service flags outside the main entrance of the Pentagon.
Ben Drake, Ursula Drake and our tour guide, SPC Hummen Andrews. This was a wonderful tour he gave us. We saw it all. (Now if we can just teach him that the "Leatherneck" was not to teach Marines to keep their chins up and that the Army is NOT the only service older than America.) NOTE the great picture hanging in the Commandants office.