General Krulak receives a gift of 'tidbits' from 10 different
countries from Ben and Ursula Drake.
Being received by the Commandant of the Marine Corps is something I never figured I would ever get to do. Finding out he is warm, open and friendly made the visit 'comfortable'.
Here General Krulak is presenting me with a "CMC Memorial". I would have crawled over 40 miles of broken glass to get one of these from him.
I showed General Krulak the key fob I had. I took a mini Silver Star and had it fitted to wear on my key chain. (Mini medal). He immediately jumped up and said to Ursula, "I've got something for you" and went to his personal desk and dug in the center drawer. He came back with a high-relief medal about the size of a silver dollar with the CMC emblem on the back. Here he is presenting it to her. He told her now she had her own key fob.
This is Ursula's reaction upon seeing the gift. If you are a Marine, you already know meeting General Krulak is the icing on the cake. Nothing else is required. But that he would take such careful steps to make my wife feel included and give her a gift and a hug shows the layer of class this man has is much more than skin deep. She speaks fondly of him with true admiration and I see a new spring in her step because of how important he made her feel.