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William T.Cummings:Sermons on Bataan, March 1942

Many Viet Nam Vets have unresolved issues in their lives. Some of these are directly related to Viet Nam and others are not. 

My name is Ben Drake. I am a Viet Nam vet. I have been a Christian for a few years. The purpose of this section for Viet Nam veterans is to show you how you can heal. I am a Christian, I will talk about Jesus. I can and will help with the spiritual needs of all Viet Nam vets. I will answer your questions and provide information here geared for Viet Nam vets.

Below are some links that will provide information for you. There are testimonies that will show how Jesus has helped others. A tract, containing information for you, and a link to "Christian Friends", my Christian web site. 

C.C. Krulak  (Biography and Audio Testimony) General Krulak is the Commandant of the Marine Corps (June 30 1995 - June 30, 1999). This testimony of how he came to know Christ as his personal Saviour was given at a luncheon and is worthy of hearing. (You will need a "Real Audio" , Click here  to get one.)

Ben Drake - "Brother-in-Christ - Brother-in-war" Additionally, I have just added an audio message that you can hear in "Real Audio" format by "clicking here". If you need the free "Real Audio" player, "Click here 

Gordon McPherson
"From IWO to retirement".

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