Gunnery Sergeant
United States Marine Corps


JANSON, Ernest August Gunnery Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps
49th Company, General Order
War Department No.34, Page 3, 1919


At CHATEAU-THIERRY, France, June 6, 1918, he displayed coolness and extraordinary heroism throughout the attack. During the counter-attack of the enemy, he, armed with a rifle, charged and routed a group of machine- gunners.




For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action with the enemy near CHATEAU-THIERRY, France, June 6, 1918. Immediately after the company to which he belonged had reached its objective in Hill 142 several hostile counterattacks were launched against the line before the new position had been consolidated. Sergeant Janson was attempting to organize a position on the north slope of the hill when he saw 12 of the  enemy, armed with five light machine guns, crawling toward his group. Giving the alarm, he rushed the hostile detachment, bayoneted the two leaders, and forced the others to flee, abandoning their guns. His quick action, initiative, and courage drove the enemy from a position from which they could have swept the hill with machine-gun fire and forced the withdrawal of our troops.
NOTE: Gunnery Sergeant Janson is one of five Marines to receive the Navy and Army Medal of Honor in World War one. It is no longer possible to receive two Medals of Honor for a single incident.