1945 - 1999

1968 - 1970

Phil Price
My dad, Phil Price Sr. passed on to be with the Lord on January 21st, 1999. 

Dad never talked about Viet Nam very much, except that his favorite story was this: 

He got malaria while he was in Viet Nam, and was sent to the hospital in Okinawa. They determined that he should be sent home to the US for either more or better treatment. He got the last seat on the plane home, but an Army General tried to bump him off the plane home so he could go home for a vacation. My dad complained to his CO, a Marine Major, and he got the General off the plane. I guess my dad always had that kind of luck. 

Other stories are only partial and he wouldn't talk about it very much, even though I tried to get it out of him. As for rank, he got out of the MC as a LCPL.