1982 - 1986

Marine Corps Good Conduct
Phil Price
Ben, I joined the Marine Corps in March of 82. 3 weeks later, I was in boot camp in San Diego, where just before I got there, some recruit went crazy on mess duty and burned down the chow hall. Every morning and evening we had to ride a "Cattle Car", which was a semi trailer with windows!, to the Navy Chow hall. I got to see how the Navy trained and ate, the food was much better than the Marine chow, but the ride was horrible. 
I was stationed initially at Quantico, VA where I attended my primary school, mos 4063/4066 which is a computer programmer. I learned the necessary skills to make a career of it after the Corps. What I learned in Boot camp, and mostly from my own father, help me earn all of my advancements except two meritoriously. From Private to PFC, I missed meritorious promotion by 1 week. The goal was set, finish school in 12 weeks, automatic PFC. I finished in 13. I had accumulated I think 5 or 6 Marine of the Months, and attended several promotion boards. The one for Sgt was the hardest. I received the meritorious promotion but had it held up due to a little "incident" at the rifle range one day. I took my rifle and myself back to the armory early, I was under the impression my wife had a doctor appointment, which it turns out she didn't, the only one who knew where I was was a PFC who drove me, and later went awol. All this to say my meritorious promotion to Sgt was held up while I was on 6 months probation. I eventually got it, but it took me awhile. I was promoted with 6 months to go. That means I made Sgt in 3.5 years. 
I was stationed at Cherry Point N.C., a little north of Camp Lejeune. I was based out of Camp Lejeune where our headquarters were, 2nd FSSG. We were a small support detachment based at the airfield. We maintained all of the computers and most of the vehicles for the 2nd MAW. In the office where I worked, we regularly saw Generals. The Major, later Lt Col, that we worked for was a member of the generals staff, took very good care of us. You see, even though we were part of 2FSSG, and he was the coffee man in the Generals Cabinet for 2MAW, he knew that all the work done was done by us. 
It worked out pretty well, one time a roommate of mine bought some Chinese throwing stars and decided the back of the dorm door would make a great target. That got us in a lot of trouble! No one would implicate the person, we stuck together like that, but everyone in the room got an entry in their SRB for destruction of Government Property. The same as you would expect for a Tattoo! Anyway, the Major from 2MAW went to bat for us and we only ended up with an SRB entry, no UCMJ! Which we were all entitled to since no one would talk! 
All this to say, I had a great time in the Marine Corps. I got married in 84, with 2 years left. I got married as a Lcpl, with my Cpl promotion warrant sitting on my CO's desk waiting for me to return. (It was also meritorious) Once I returned, I got promoted in a big ceremony where an 8 year private I was friends with was being demoted back to, he didn't study for a drug test again. After getting married and promoted in the same month, my pay check was messed up for about 4 months. Once I got the "bonus" or back pay, Holly and I bought a mobile home where we lived until I "Retired". They wanted to send me to Okinawa for 2 years unaccompanied and Holly was already a mother to be. I decided to say no to extending and I left in 86. 
I don't have any pictures of my dad, they were all burned in his fire. I may have one, but it is in Colorado. I wont be home until August now. 
Thank you for your interest, I appreciate it. The Picture of me is in my dads possessions, and therefore, I don't have it. I stole a copy of my SRB before I left, one of my best friends told me that when I had 24 hour duty the month before I left that I should copy it then. It worked, and it is at home in Colorado. Any information I could get from it will have to wait. I have a FAX machine/Scanner at home. I can get most of the information in data form for you. But you will have to clean it up a little, the copies are US Govt. and are really bad. 
God bless you my friend. I look forward to meeting you one day, if not in this life, then the one to come. I will pray for you this weekend, when we focus more on Christs resurrection than at any time of the year. I will be spending Easter with a missionary family here in Sweden. I recommend you try it sometime, it will change your whole perspective of life! Keep in touch Ben, I love hearing from you. 
In Christ, 
Phillip M. Price, 
Editors note: Phil Price Senior, the entry above this is my Step-fathers nephew. He and I were cousins from about my birth or shortly thereafter and I have never considered him as anything else. This Phil Price I held in my arms almost from his day of birth and blood or not, he is my 2nd cousin and brother-in Christ. I am as proud of him as if he were my son. More info coming as he gets back to the states and send it to me. Ben