Raymond Crowell was born in Newberry, Michigan, on April 15, 1926 to Millard and Geraldine Crowell. After the death of Millard, Geraldine married Earl Griffin.  Raymond attended high school at Union High in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Raymond joined the Marine Corps 67 days after his 17th birthday and attended boot camp at MCRD, Balboa, San Diego, CA.

Raymond married Dee Rawson on February 11, 1947. The couple had 4 children, Albert, David, Joseph (Ben) and Susie.

Ray was being treated for shrapnel wounds and infection on a fairly continuing basis. In the last year of his life the Navy doctors wanted to removed his arm, which never properly healed. Raymond died on December 19, 1952. A victim of the war.

My mother remarried a good man called Raymond E. Drake. He had a son, Mike Drake who became our brother. Ray adopted the 4 of us and we all became Drake's. Mike also joined the Marine Corps.

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