22 June, 1943 - Joined the Marine Corps. 
20 September, 1943 -  Entered RDep., MCB, San Diego, Calif. 
4 December, 1943 - 11th RBn, RDep, MCB SanDiego, Calif "TRANS" 
4 December 1943 - Co "G", Inf. BN TC, Camp Elliott - "JOINED" 
8 January, 1944 - 42nd Repl. BN, TC, Camp Elliott, Calif - "JOINED" 
6 February, 1944 - Repl. BN., Trans. Ctr. 5th Amphib. Corps - "JOINED" 
27 February, 1944 - "C" Co., 1stBn, 8th Mar - "JOINED" 
28 August, 1944 - Cas Bn, TC, FMFPAC - "JOINED" 
21 October - CASCO #1, MD, USNH, Oakland, Calif - "Joined" 
25 October 1944, - CASCO#1, MD, MCB T1, San Diego, Calif - "JOINED" 
1 January, 1945 - 1st CasCo, Cas Det, MB, Great Lakes, Ill. - "JOINED" 
15 December 1945 - 3rd CasCo, Cas Det, MB, NTC, Great Lakes, Ill. - "JOINED" 
21 December, 1945 - Discharged 

Other notes attached in Ray's SRB: 

Embarked aboard S. S. MORMACPORT and sailed 26Jan44 from San Diego, Calif., arrived and disembarked 1 Feb 1944 at Territory of Hawaii. L. E. Simmons, W. O., USMC Troop Adj. 

Hq, 1stBn, 8thMar, 2dMarDiv, FMF, In the Field. 23 February 1944. Serving outside continential United States this date. Warren H, Keck, Captain, USMCR 

HEADQUARTERS, FIRST BATTALION, EIGTH MARINES. Participated in action against Japanese Forces on Saipan, Marianas Islands fr 15Jun44 to 2July44. C. J. Gadmer, Jr., 1stLt., USMCR, Adjutant. 

Embarked aboard USSAT ROBIB DONCASTER at Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides, and sailed therein from 7Oct44. Arrived and disembarked at San Fransciso, California, on 21Oct44. H. G. Gillimore, Commissioned Warrant Officer, (Gen), USMC, Assistant G-1 Headquarters, Department of the Pacific.