Franklin Delano Roosevelt - 1941
The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is one of the most expansive memorials in the nation. Yet its shade trees, waterfalls, statuary, and quiet alcoves create the feeling of a secluded garden rather than an imposing structure. The memorial is divided into four outdoor galleries, or rooms, one for each of FDR's terms in office. The rooms are defined by walls of red South Dakota granite and by ornamental plantings; quotations from FDR are carved into the granite. Water cascades and quiet pools are present throughout. Each room conveys in its own way the spirit of this great man.
The first room introduces FDR's early Presidency, when he lainched the New Deal in response to the worst economic crisis of the century.
In the second room - sculptural groups - 
An Urban Breadline;
A Rural Couple;
A Man Listening To A Fireside Chat - 
recall both the despair and the hope of the times. 
FDR Memorial. in Washington, DC. 
This is the statue that caused all the controversy. 
A grassy berm between the second and third rooms marks the historical point at which Roosevelt and the nation confronted World War II. In the third room, Roosevelt appears as a seated figure; his beloved dog Fala sits nearby. The fourth room honors the life and legacy of FDR. 
The statue of Eleanor Roosevelt commemorates her role as First Lady, as well as her later work as United Nations delegate and champion for human rights.