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The "Hall Of Shame" is for losers who are "WANNABES". These people parade themselves around claiming to be POW's, Valor Medal Winners, Viet Nam Vets, and servicemen.  The point of this page is to help you identify them and to show you how to prove your theory about them is correct.

This page is black to depict the shame these wannabes bring on themselves and their families.

You will find men walking around wearing medals of all kinds. Some of them wear so many that it is outright silly. They will tell you all about how they earned them and in glowing reports tell you about what a hero they were. Others, for some reason unknown to anyone, will tell you they were POW's in Viet Nam. This makes no sense because no real benefits come from being a POW other than a license plate. And then there are the Viet Nam wannabes. These people may be ashamed that they are not Viet Nam Vets. Actually, some of them were servicemen. I think anyone who served their country, as opposed to being a coward, is honorable and Viet Nam service was required only if their country asked them to go. 
Below is my experience with Ken. I wanted to share it so you will see how it happens. As I unmask others, I will place them here. I have decided to not link to other "wannabe" web sites. First, the goal of too many other sites is to destroy the person. They sometimes list the persons work phone number, etc. I cannot see how good can come from this, especially after the person has already been 'outted'. The second reason is far to many of them contain serious explicit language and I do not link to web sites that contain any foul language.
Ken Poynter
POW Wannabe, extraordinaire
Ken showed up and interviewed for a position I was advertising for in 1989. I liked him, he had the gift of gab. I wanted someone to call the employers of the area and place my graduating students in jobs so he fit the bill nicely and I hired him. He had told me in the interview that he was a former POW. The age was right and he knew the buzz words. I had no reason to doubt him.
As we got to know each other and he became familiar with the other staff, he started telling stories. When eating one day, tears started running down his cheek. He stated, "Because of all the things the Vietnamese did to me I can't control my eyes from tearing when I eat." Another time he told me, "I was a POW for 7 years. I was in the CIA in 'Secret Operations'". Later I heard him tell another employee, "I was a POW for two years." I immediately called him on that and he told me, "No, Ben, you don't understand, I was a POW for 2 years with the Air Force, then they discharged me to the CIA as I was a CIA operative. I did the other 5 years as a POW with the CIA." I told him I did not believe him. Another time I was cooking burgers on a Friday and he came to get his. I gave him one and he said, "Thank you papason." He actually could not figure out why I was upset about that. I told him, "You must have had a much better time in Viet Nam that I did."
Later it was discovered that Ken was not in the armed forces. He brought shame on himself and his family.
GEORGE, The "Wannabe" Secret Operative
I was in the VA Hospital in January 1999. I ran across "George". He was a up guy, all "bubbly" in his speech and he told me all about how he had been on secret operations in N. Viet Nam in 1974 with the 101st Airborne. This guy was a little bitty shrimp of a guy and was not in the 101st. Additionally, the troops were out before 1974 and the 101st left VN as a unit long before that. I assume this kid picked 1974 because that was the year he was 18. He told me, "You can't find anything I did in the records, nothing I did has been declassified yet." He went on to tell me he gets himself locked up in the mental ward 6 times now and that he was at 70% and would soon be at 100%. This lying sack of garbage is in it for the money and no one at the hospital cares. By the way, I get nothing.
Editor: I wrote to the United States Army at the Pentagon and received the below answer. I have inclosed it all including their e-mail address for you if you want to check anything out with them. Beware wannabes, the truth is out there.
Date:         Mon, 5 Apr 1999 13:54:50 -0400
From:        CMH Answers <CMHAnswers@hqda.army.mil>
To:           "'Marines@corpsite.com'" <Marines@corpsite.com>
The 196th Infantry Brigade and the 3d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) were the last major U.S. Army combat units to leave Vietnam. They left in late June 1972.  The last two combat battalions to leave Vietnam, the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry and the 3d Battalion, 21st Infantry, departed in late August 1972 (22 and 23 August respectively).  A number of rifle security companies remained in Vietnam to provide installation security and a number of aviation companies remained as well.  All U.S. Army units had departed Vietnam by 28 March 1973, when Headquarters, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, was disestablished.   After that date the only American military personnel in Vietnam were assigned to the Office of the Defense Attache, Saigon, and the Four Party Joint Military Commission.

If you want to prove out a 'wannabe', you must have, at least his 1. Full Name; 2. Dates of Service and 3. Branch of Service. It is most helpful if you have his SSN. Then write to:
The National Personnel Records Center
Military Personnel Records
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100
Telephone 314 538 4216
Fax 314-538-4175
In your requests you must state that based on the "Freedom of Information Act" you are requesting information on the named person. State that you request the persons dates and places of service, and his military awards record.  You may be able to get more information but so far I can only get the military to agree to this. 
To get a SSN or Service Number you can try calling the
"World Wide Locator" at: 1-703-784-5603
They are most helpful.
Final Thought
This may seem harsh. These men are sick, in some sense of the word. But to you, the veteran, who went to war and served honorably, I say, YOU DESERVE better than to have some wannabe impersonating what you are, A REAL MAN!
Anyone I listed here, now or in the future can get their name removed by simply confessing their lies to the appropriate authorities. I don't want them in jail, or in trouble, I just want them out of the impersonation business.